Mackenzie Engineering

Delivering Excellence

Mackenzie Engineering can help your company source and procure items both domestically and overseas. While the quality & long term benefits are obvious, overseas sourcing can be extremely complicated and wrought with peril. Mackenzie Engineering has developed strategic alliances all over the world and will help you source the right product at the right price, while saving you precious time and improving your bottom line. Mackenzie Engineering’s global sourcing efficiencies allow you…

Our Services

Our services start with timely, accurate, technically complaint and commercially competitive quotations.

  • Procurement / Sourcing

  • Shipping and Customs

  • Buyers on 5 Continents

  • Custom Fabrication

Our Products

A brief listing of our product categories is shown here.
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  • Instrumentation equipment & fittings

  • Valves, Actuators & Fittings

  • Fire Safety equipments

  • Motors, Generators & Pump Skid Systems

  • Power distribution equipments

  • Steel/Aluminum/Copper

Our Industries

We provide our services to the following industries:

  • Oil &
    Natural Gas

  • Petro-

  • Telecommunication

  • District

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing